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Based in Grey County, Ontario, Flora Grey produces a merriment of sustainably grown cut flowers. 

We came to farming through our love of travel and interest in the natural world. After spending our honeymoon year working on small scale organic farms across Ireland, we were compelled to move to rural Ontario. We began growing a small kitchen garden and flowers in the backyard of our half-acre lot in Maxwell. We soon outgrew the backyard and dug up the front lawn; then continuing on a nearby rented farm field. Within three years of our initial move to the country we had managed to purchase a farm of our own, where we farm today, outside Holland Centre. 

We are guided by patience and gratitude, working for the betterment of soil, community, and livelihood.


floral wholesale

We sell our blooms direct to florists and  through The Local Flower Collective. If you're interested in creating a wholesale account with us, please fill out the contact form below. 

local blooms

Enjoy the magic of local, seasonal flowers in the comfort of your own home. Seasonal subscriptions and weekly bouquets are available for local pickup and delivery. Reach out for details.

bloom buckets

Our flowers can be purchased by the bucket for events, weddings, or simply for the fun of playing with flowers. Reach out for details <3 


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